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social activism. >> reporter: wendy, in addition to that social activism for which this church is very well known, they feed the homeless and hungry every day. people are outraged that someone would do this. this is a security camera image of the suspect who pursued a 27-year-old man into st. stephen's church saturday and robbed him at gunpoint form the victim told police the man in the striped shirt entered behind him around noon running up the steps pounding a handgun. he put the gun to the back of his head asking, do you have any money? as he was taking the messenger bag, iphone and wallet, a pastor walked in, the suspect turned the gun on her. had happened as kevin shepperd and others were eating lunch. >> this is just somebody who i guess doesn't have any other option, even though that's not an excuse. but this is a very -- this
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church does a lot for the community and a lot for a lot of people in this area. >> reporter: ellen volunteers with the feeding program. >> i was sad to hear that someone calm in here, one of the guards who do our patrol for security, i was very much surprised. >> reporter: the picture is grainy and a little blurry, but police think someone who knows the man could recognize m. there is a $10,000 reward for information in this case. recording live in northwest washington, jackie bensen, news4. we continue to following the breaking news out of the illinois this afternoon, about 90 minutes ago a jury found former policeman drew peterson guilty in the murder of his third wife. peterson was charged three years after it happened. peterson's fourth wife disappeared. peterson had denied wrongdoing in both case also. he's facing a max mum of 60
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years in prison. d.c. police officers shot a stray pitbull wandering the streets. officers say when they showed up, the dog was on someone's front porch. wub enable we talked to says the dog tried to go after a young girl. she was not hurt. the dog survived the shooting, and it was taken away. president obama is getting ready to make his case for a second term. tonight at the democratic national convention, the president will delivers thinks nomination acceptance speech. last night the president surprised the crowd by walking on the stage after bill clinton's rousing address to delegates. the former president said people had a clear choice for the path forward in america. >> if you want a winner take all, you're on your own society, you should support the republican ticket. but if you want a country of
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shared opportunities and shared responsibility, that we're all in this together society, you should vote for barack obama and joe biden. >> tonight the president will make the case for himself. we turn now to jim vance who's live in charlotte this afternoon, where they are getting ready for this big speech tonight. >> reporter: hi, pat, the speech is coming up, but the hottest topic right now might be the weather. i was downstairs where hundreds of delegates were running into the building soaking wet after an absolutely torrential downpour here, but to a man and a woman, the common expression i heard was, hmm, maybe they were right, they of course being the officials who decided to move the speech tonight from the football stadium back here to the basketball arena. now, what that of course denies is about 50,000 people the opportunity to hear the president. they had tickets. they spent an awful lot of money and time to get here.
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they are not happy about what's going on here tonight. i did not hear from any of them today. they're around now trying to figure out what to do other than being mad. now, it's safe to say that most of those folks, 99% of the people in this country, have never been up close to a president, but there are some who have, and they live right here in d.c., tom sherwood is here to tell us about some of them, who go all the way back to lyndon johnson. >> reporter: there's a lot of history here, young and old delegates, but they share one thing at this point. they're all tired. after more than two nonstop days of convention eering, people are going worn out. >> we're all tired, maybe you're blogging, updating things, checking your e-mail, 24/7 is what it is. so we got a three-hour nap last night. >> josh williams has led the metropolitan labor council since
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1982. how many conventions have you been to? >> i've been to every convention since 1980 when kennedy challenged carter. >> how old with you you then? >> i was in diapers. >> reporter: frank smith has even a longer record. did you stay to the end? >> i sure did, man. he's quite a hell of a speaker. >> reporter: you've been to a few convention? >> every convention since 1964. i was at the '64 convention when she made the i'm sick and tired of being sick and tired speech. >> reporter: there are many warhorses in charlotte, but they all agree that they're ready for obama tonight. >> i can't say how it's playing in d.c., virginia, maryland, but i know the 20,000, 25,000 people who are here are sky high, and they're ready to go out and start campaigning, even without hearing barack obama.
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>> reporter: but they really do want to hear barack obama tonight, and they're fired up. coming up at 6:00, we'll talk about what some of these delegates want to hear tonight from the man they want to be reelected as president. >> let me tell you something. i saw josh williams a couple days ago on his way to a demonstration and i said, josh, aren't you too old to be demonstrating and rallying? he just laughed. i know josh would have said, is yeah, i'm too tired, but josh is an old warhorse, he knows never give a reporter something he might use against you. josh and i go back more than 30 years, he's still not going to give it up. >> he was slumped over that breakfast corner. he better get some sleep tonight. >> i was slumped over mine tonight as well. i'm going to share with you folks what may have been the very best day in my life down
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here in charlotte, at least in the last four days, anyhow. back to you. >> we can't wait to hear about it, vance. we'll see you at 6:00. nbc news coverage of the dnc and president obama's speech starts at a special time, 9:00 tonight. meanwhile, mitt romney spent time in new hampshire today, visiting veterans. he said he will not be watching the president's speech this evening. meanwhile, here at home, a dead think krafr on i-95 this morning. police say a car merged onto the highway from lorton road and pulled right in front of the a tractor trailer. it was loaded with 20,000 pounds of carpet, and the two vehicles collided. the car landed on the side of the road. the truck went down an embankment jackknifing. the woman driving the car died at the scene. the truck driver suffered minor injuries, and he is connected to be okay. 12 months isn't long enough
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to erase the damage from massive flooding that swamped our area one year ago today. tropical storm lee, remember that? moved in with torrential rains, left neighbors bailing out several feet of water from their homes, as news4's tony tull shows us, that how water is too much for a longtime business owner to overcome. >> hopefully i can restart, start from scratch. >> reporter: the flood stains are evidence everywhere. >> you can see the line right here. it went through the whole shop this way. >> reporter: a year after tropical storm lee flooded him, frank klein says he's going off business. >> nobody around here had flood insurance, so, you know, that kind of did everybody in. >> reporter: all of his equipment was leased, and it's soon to be removed once he closes the door. >> i feel like letting it sit
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there so i remind myself of the day we got flooded. they operated three successful shops. although they were offered loans to rebuilt and re-lease equipment, they couldn't justified taking out diggal loans to cover the damage. >> i was thinking i already owe this money out, do i pay for it twice? it didn't make sense. i thought it would be better to just totally go out of the business. >> reporter: it wasn't just the kleins. across the street, marlboro tire got the worst. coming up at 6:00, we talk to the owner. >> if it wasn't for employees, friends and families, just a determination to stay in business, we wouldn't be here. ten locally owned stores have had to close since it hit last year. there's a chance of more
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rain this weekend. doug kammerer joins us. a very warm and humid atmosphere, so this is what we have seen today, a lot of areas with a lot of rain. this is or the last 12 hours, a lot of rain through northern virginia, some locations into southern fairfax county, 1 to 2 inches of rain. 3.6, and out there towards the southern portions of maryland, nearly 2 inches. now, this is all moving out. we continue to see that rain moving out in behind me. it is going to be on the warm side. we'll talk about another chance for not only storms, but severe weather for the weekend. i'll break it down for you and show you when, coming up. a tragedy, a d.c. mother will have to live -- the woman
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took her 3-year-old son and put them into bed with her. the woman says she fell asleep and rolled over onto the baby. emergency crews rushed the newborn to the hospital, but the baby died. the man who brought the ravens to baltimore and was a key insider in the national football league, died this morning. art modell was 87. modell was belough in baltimore, but cursed in cleveland in 1996, when he moved the franchise to charm city, a move some say kept him from getting into the pro football hall of fame. during the four decades, he helped negotiate lucrative contracts with tv networks. his wife patricia died last year and his sons david and john were at his side when he died. in just a matter of hours, the fairfax county school board will vote on a new committee, which could be influential when it comes to changes in the way students are disciplined.
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the board is creating a panel to streamline students' rights and responsibilities. the manual, that is, which includes disciplinary policies. tonight they will vote on the makeup of that 29-person committee. it would be comprised the -- and this is causing some concern among parents who fear their voices won't be heard if school officials outnumber them on the panel. >> i'd like to see experts who know about student discipline, who deal with the outcomes of students who have been through the process, and their families, and i'd like to see the community outnumber of staff. >> a school spokesperson says the composition of this committee won't be set in stone tonight. school board members will appoint 12 other people to the committee, some of those appointees could be parents. still ahead on "news4 at 5," a jewelry heist in northern virginia, in broad daylight. it is not the first time this store has been hit. dogs that lost their homes
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in hurricane isaac come to the washington area, hoping for new homes. a neighborhood fed up over the negative racial connotations of its stre heavy load in america. but mitt romney plan, a middle class to $2,000 more a year in taxes. multi-millionaires like himself hits the middle class harder... bigger break. forward for america? this message.
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police are looking for two men. it's the second time the family-owned store was hit this summer. richard jordan has details and reaction from longtime customers. >> it played out in front of the customers. the store's owners are now hoping something that was left behind may lead police to the crooks. lavish gems and expensive watches on display, but fingerprint residue now stains the front door of a high-end jewelry store. inside police interview employees after a smash-and-grab on king jewelers. >> that's really awful. >> reporter: a hammer bagged into evidence, but police say two men came in with more powerful weapons, armed with guns. the crooks busted a display case, ripped out the loot, but detectives will not say how much the thieves got away with this time. >> i'm dumbfounded and sad about
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this happening to the company, because they're really nice people. >> reporter: the same jewelry store went -- exactly a week and a 50-year-old sedrick erlis was arrested. he's charged with stealing a $25,000 diamond ring. but even with the two similar incidents, police say the robberies are out of the place, this is a very unusual incident. >> reporter: the store's owners hopes surveillance will once again help police pick out and arust the crooks. >> everybody loves this store, because the propry tore, the owners are wonderful. it's been in the family since it was founded, and we like to support the local businesses. >> reporter: but some people say the jewelry store heist is the latest in a spike of recent crimes. >> robberies, break-ins, car thefts, car thefts, car thefts.
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we are not excited. >> police are still processing the surveillance video. >> richard, thank you. you see the rain coming down in that video. we had some serious storms moving through. >> we saw a lot of rain in parts of the area, many of you picking up even 3 inches of rain. >> at least we are ending on a pretty nice note. some snipe across the capitol building. temperatures at 82 degrees, the dew point, though at 72, our 450u78dity is quite high. it will continue to be a very warm evening tonight. >> 90 in cumberland, where we have stayed in the cloud cover, temperatures have stayed in the
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70s, so here's the rain. look at numerous areas, all indicating moderate to heavy rain. those showers are dying out. i don't expect to see much nor in the way of rain into the overnight. if you're thinking about heading toward the nationals game, looking good down there. one more night, a few more storms to the north, we could see a few tomorrow, but i think most of us, if not all of us, will remain dry. they will stick around tomorrow, with more sunshine. highs back into the low 90s, but watch this. here comes another frontal boundary. this one i think will be strong enough to produce severe weather. this is around 5:00, coming through the panhandle of west virginia. so if this model is correct, it would be around the d.c. area between, say, 6:00 and 8:00 at night. if you have some plans on saturday, be on the lookout and keep a watchful eye.
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they will blow through very quickly. by sunday we're looking at nice weather with abundant sunshine. i don't mean just nice weather, i mean beautiful weather. take a look at this, two hurricanes out in the atlantic. this is leslie right here with winds of 75 miles per hour. this little guy might be at just had winds of 115 miles an hour, the first major hurricane of the season. neither of those will affect us directly, but interesting satellite picture. tonight a nice evening. tomorrow morning, a few clouds, areas of fog, not as muggy. temperatures 61 to about 70. as we move through the next couple days, tomorrow is the hot day. still warm and humid on saturday, with increasing clouds. then it gets nice sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, bundened sunshine,
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highs a bit below average, so we're in for a treat i think early next week. before you know it, the leaves will be changing. >> i have too many already. >> i know, what is that? straight ahead at 5:00, hear from the woman who was attacked by a rabid animal while swimming if a lake. plus where moms can find best deals on diapers. and in sports, washington takes on new orleans this weekend. we'll get you ready. and then tonight at 6:00, new le released audio from the captain of the cruise ship that crashed off the coast of italy.
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hey, dan. >> hey, ladies.
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it's a tough opening matchup for the redskins this weekend. going to new orleans where the saints are fired up after losing a couple coaches and player to suspension, and they just happen to sport one of the best offenses of the game. perhaps they should turn back the clock to the team that found a way to beat the saints on the foot of a rookie kicker named chip lo miller. november 6th, 1988, a bright spot in a dark season. dave butz, the older -- the skins down 7-0 before the offense finally wakes up. williams to gary clark for the fourth touchdown catch of the
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year. we're now tied at seven. still in the second quarter, the saints have a clark of their own, robert clark. bobby aybar connects with a leaping catch. saints take the lead. play of the game has to be from this guy, doug williams, never known for his speech. the super bowl xxii mvp fakes out the entire defense. he told george michael it was not a replay. >> a lot of people say that was slow motion. >> it was slow motion, but if you look around there's not too many randle cunninghams or steve youngs in this league. >> doug, that can be a dangerous play if somebody stays back. >> that's the only thing about it. >> nobody would have expected you to run it? >> no. third quarter and the saints get luck. aybar hands off to ruben mayes, and he's met by a host of
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redskins. buford jordan picks up the fumble and goes in from seven yards out. the saints lead by seven. williams leads the comeback. he hits ricky sanders, but watch the effort. game tied at 24. 47 seconds left, rookie kicker chip loe miller lines up from 23 yards away. he missed key kicks a few weeks earlier, but this one splits the uprights. >> i had the confidence and got the letdown. i proved to everything that i can kick in the league and i want to do that tonight. >> reporter: another guy who can kick. morten andersen. four seconds left, a chance to tie from 49 yards away. it has the legs, but not the aim. sails right, skins win 27-24.
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>> we prevailed today. they have a great team, just like i thought they did. i was expecting to play them last year in the playoffs, and i nigh this would be a great game. i'm glad we won. dare green hasn't changed a bill. they finished 7-9.rell green had a bill. they finished 7-9. somebody in vegas thinks the skins will be a bit better. >> also good to see doug williams there. those were the good old days. >> yeah, they were. hear from the woman who survived a beaver attack. >> also coming up. homeless animals from the gulf coast come to our region looking for a home. there are some puppies there. some people laugh, some people say, really? is that the real name of the street? so i've gotten that over the years. >> residents say this name is
5:29 pm
racist, and they want it changed. this is chris gordon. my rep
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a fast-forwarding through our headlines, president obama taking center stage tonight at the democratic national convention. will he be accepting the nomination for and make the case for a second term. he'll speak at the arena instead of the much larger stadium because of the weather. today he held a conference call for thousands of ticket holders who can no longer come and see the speech at the smaller venue. d.c. police are hunting for the man who walked into the st. stephen and incarnation episcopal church in northwest and robbed a man. security cameras captured a suspect who also pointed his gun at the church's pastor before running off. fortunately no one was hurt. tonight the fairfax county school board will vote on a new committee that will streamline
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the students' rights and responsibilities manual, looking at school discipline policies and recommending any changes to the board. administrators, educators and parents will sit on that panel. let's fast forward. >> beautiful conditions. as a matter of fact, take a look at our tower cam right above our 1250ud i don'ts out to the west. you can see not a lot of clouds left, but a few showers still in portions of the area. that's really about it. the rest of us see a very nice evening tonight. get out and enjoy the night. >> thanks, doug. northern virginia drivers are weighing in on a plan to raise rates on the dulles toll road. the additional money would help pay for the silver like project. julie caries is live where the
5:34 pm
public hearing is under way. >> as you can see with all the maps and charts, it's more of an open hours and public hearing. the testimony coming in from commuters is already pretty predictable. the proposed fee hikes are simply too much to ask. >> it's a price tag that's scheduled to double by 2015. the skyrocketing costs already have residents who live along the corridor looking for alternatives. >> i tried personally to cut down on the amount i use the toll road, but at the same time in the morning there's no real option to get to work on time. >> am-wa is having a series of hearings. by 2015, the current way doubles to already 4.50 one way or $9 for round trip.
5:35 pm
this member of the reston citizens board says the current plan puts an unfair burden on toll road commuters. they'll urge more pressure on virginia lawmakers to kick in more. >> we really think the best chance is for the state to provide some more. they provided a minimal amount. and we're hopes that amount expands. >> bob chase represents the transportation alliance. he agreeses it's up to the governor -- >> it's not the airport's authority. the airport's authority is using the only toll it has. if the general assembly would give them additional tools or if the governor -- if the state would provide more money, we could keep tolls down. >> reporter: already some 400 people have submitted their comments. coming up at 6:00, what amwa has to say whether the feedback will make any difference.
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in the afterma'am of isaac, several storm victims have arrived in the district. nine dogs, four publicies, they arrived at the washington animal rescue league in northwest washington. the dogs are all from mississippi, in areas that were hard-hit by the floods. despite the stress of the recent weeks and the travel, they arrived with their tails wagging. they are ready to find new homes. those puppies are ridiculous. there will be fights over those. ies. the adult dogs seem very sweet, friendly, social, so i don't think we'll have problem at all finding them good homes. the puppies should be available for the adoption in a couple weeks, the medical staff checking out the adult dogs to see when they'll be ready to find their new families. relief is on the way for howard county residents who are embarrassed and offended by the name of the street they live on. it's a small cul-de-sac in columbia. as chris gordon explains, neighbors are successful in
5:37 pm
their campaign to clang the name. >> you're just buying into a house and all of a sudden you realize i'm on coon hunt court. >> i'm embarrassed. i feel it was a mistake, because it was supposed to be the name of a bird, coit. >> we asked some residents what they think. >> when i first moved into the neighborhood, i noticed the name of the street. i do this it's kind of offensive. >> reporter: neighbors have been trying to get it changed for many years, feeling it's racist and offensive. >> i think it's unfortunate. people gets a sense of what can connotes, certainly african-americans that i speak to know what it connotes. >> reporter: there are six
5:38 pm
houses on the street, and many signed the petition to change the name. the petition has been accepted by the county department of planning and zoning, which is expected to approve the name change tonight. it will be called april wind circle. rosalie, who's been fighting for the change for many years thinks it's lovely. >> i have to do a lot, we have to change our deeds, i have to change my checks, addresses, but it's all worst it. >> reporter: chris gordon, news4. this is not the first time a street name has been changed in columbia, maryland. chris will have more on that at 6:00. and still ahead at 5:00, how parents can save hundreds of dollars on diapers. and another club gets shut down in prince george's county. why police put a padlock on the doors today. plus the designer of the
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heavy load in america. but mitt romney plan, a middle class to $2,000 more a year in taxes. multi-millionaires like himself hits the middle class harder... bigger break. forward for america? i'm barack obama and i approve this message.
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anncr: it'll start out as concrete and steel... but it'll become so much more. a new world-class resort casino in prince george's county.
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two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland.
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today police padlocked the ren day view banquet hall in bellsville were put into place. they say the club has been issued $20,000 in fines for occupiesie rules. police received a lot of complaints about fights breaking out. this comes a week after police shut down club elite for licensing and dance permit violationses. maryland's new casino is doing quite well. the three state casinos all osteobrof in more than $44 million, but $33 million came from maryland live. the casino brought in about $68 million since june. revenue from the other two
5:43 pm
casinos are down. voters will decide whether to bridge another. you could seen get your hands on a dress worn just like the win michelle obama. she sure turned heads with her fashion, and now there is a duplicate out there on the market for the public. the designer told the "today" show she didn't know until mrs. obama appeared on tv that her creation was chosen. >> i thought she made the right choice. we sent a few, because i didn't know what she would need or how she would feel. i wanted her to have choice and choose us, but she made an excellent choice. she looks gorgeous. the color looks so fresh. >> well, that designer says the dress will sell for under $500. so you you too can wear one of those. >> sure. coming up next, a big day for amazon. it releases the new kindal. police search a beige manager's
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home after a hostage situation. i'm liz crenshaw. decipher diaper deals, find out decipher diaper deals, find out where and how to shop f
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i'm barack obama, and i approve this message. mitt romney's position onnd out women's's dangerous. vo:mitt romney and paul ryan would get rid of planned parenthood funding. and allow employers to deny coverage for cancer screenings and birth control. we can't afford to let him take away our choices... to take away basic health care. vo: both backed proposals to outlaw abortions...even in cases of rape and incest.
5:46 pm
i don't think that women's health issues have faced a crisis like this in decades.
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the cost of raising a child is estimated at $300,000. when it comes to babies, just the cost of diapers alone can surprise you. liz crenshaw has a way to save some big bucks. >> there are many brands and packages, so comparison shopping can be confusing. washington consumer checkbook researched the problem. >> i stash them everywhere for emergencies. >> jessica stubbs, mother of three small children is talking about diapers, a desperate hourly need. she was one of a group of moms who gathered in arlington, virginia to talk to us about the hide cost of diapers. >> about $70 to $80. he goes through a lot of them. >> i get the biggest one i can buy, it's probably about $107 a month. >> reporter: deals on diapers are a must.
5:48 pm
>> diapers are a significant expense. >> kevin braise her is nona dad, but executive editor for washington consumers' checkbook. >> it depends on where and how you shop. >> reporter: for the first time ever, they conducted a diaper price survey. it shopped for diapers at local grocery stores, warehouse club stores, drug stores. >> and we found, depending on where you shop, you can spent to $500 to $900 a year just deepering one kid. >> that's a different of $400 per child each year. consumers' checkbooks found deals parents won't want to miss. some of the best prices were at target, costco, sam's including and bj's. >> you save a lot by buying in bulk. >> no surprise they found more diapers per package, the lower the per unit prize. buying a box of diapers with more than 120, you'll likely save 15% to 20%, but this may
5:49 pm
surprise you, checkbook found rock-bottom prices online with amazon. it's called amazon mom, part of its $79 annual prime membership, parents get two-day free shipping, along with other perks. >> prices there were far lower than any of the local shops. so $400 in savings, $79 feel doesn't look so bad. >> these amazon moms love the price and diapers to their door. >> it's cheaper to buy online and get free shipping. >> i think every mom nods what an ordeal. i would rather gnaw my arm off than have to do that. >> reporter: while cloth is ecofriendly, checkbook calls it the most cost official if you wash them yourselves. either way, cloth or disposable,
5:50 pm
you can save hundreds every year if you know where to buy. >> that's a pretty good deal for most parents. >> the bottom line checkbook says don't rule out the generic brands, very cost-efficient, but always try to buy a small package, try it on the child, make sure the diaper works well. you can also see the whole survey through our website,, just search diaper deals. >> they're just little tikes, going through them like crazy. >> it's nice people are going into the cloth diapers. i love that. >> thanks, liz. another check on our photograph with doug. it's been so much nicer, my daughter just out of diapers, so saving some cash. >> putting that money away. >> to the college fund. >> there you go. out there right now, plenty of sunshine, a beautiful evening outside right now. it is really nice. 82 degrees, dew point is a
5:51 pm
little high at 72, so the humidity is still up there, as we go through the rest of the evening hours, it's going to become quite nice. 82 in reston, 83 in college park. >> as far as the radar is concerned, not a whole lot going on. we see a couple showers back to the west. that's going to be it. they will not make it our way, so i think tonight is looking very, very nice. if you're thinking about heading to the nationals game tonight, as they end their series against the cubs after i believe 12 home runs in the last two games, looking pretty good. temperatures around 80 degrees. tomorrow morning, into the low 60s. areas of fog will develop tonight, so you want to watch out for that, we'll see sunshine
5:52 pm
tomorrow. slight chance of a shower, but right now most of is will remain drive. i 24i tomorrow will be fantastic, just on the warm side. 87 on saturday, about a good chance to strong to potential severe storms. late in the date. not a washout. sunday a high of 79. look at this. this is gorgeous. 70s and 80s for highs, the lows get all the way down into the 50s. [ laughter ] >> thank you, doug. an 83-year-old woman recounts her terrifies ordeal, surviving an attack by a rabid beaver in a fairfax county lake. lillian peterson tells us she went for a swim near baileys cross roads. she was about to get out of the water when the 50-pound beaver bit her repeatedly. she credits a friend who heard her crying for help with saving
5:53 pm
her life. >> well, i would have been dead if he hadn't. i would have been dead, no two ways about it. this beaver came after me from nowhere. first thing he did was take a chunk out of my leg. >> fairfax animal control euthanized the beaver on the shot. testing later showed the animal did have rabies. servers are suing darden, the restaurant's parent company for allegedly violating labor laws. servers say they were cheated out of their pay because they weren't allowed to clock in until customers arrived. lawyers are not clear how much money is owed. darden had to pay more than $25,000 in back pay last year. here's what's trending today. she usually is dodging the paparazzi, but now katie holmes has a new gig to put her face on
5:54 pm
full display. she's just hired as the new face of bobbi brown cosmetics, holmes who finalized her divorce two weeks ago will be the first celebrity spokeswoman for the makeup line. she has her own clothing line and bobbi brown will be the lead makeup artist for the line's spring fashion show. amazon has a updated version of kindal. amazon also announced a new stand-alone e-reader. the new gage either could boost sales of e-books and movies. it comes in the midst of several advances in the high-tech gadget market. nokia and google have just announced new smartspoken. apple is expected to announce a new iphone and possibly a mini ipad in the weeks to come. when we come back, a bank robbery and
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it was an elaborate bank heist. police say two suspects captured the manager, strapped what they said was a bomb to her stomach, and police are still looking for those suspects. >> reporter: before daybreak detectives returns to the home of a bank manager who found herself at the center of
5:58 pm
wednesday's bank height drama. they spent nearly two hours searching inside her apartment and outside where she told them she had been kidnapped wednesday morning by two masked men. neighbors confirmed a police car was parked outside the woman's home overnight. yesterday when the fbi was asked if the bank manager might be in on the heist -- >> unless evidence suggests that to investigators, we're treating this employees as a victim. >> reporter: the bank robbers outfitted her with a device that appeared to be a bomb and forced her to take money from the east l.a. bank of america branch where she worked. the device was detonated. it wasn't real. the robbers got away with a substantial amount of money. today detectives left the bank megger's home with boxes and evidence bags. they weren't talking, but neighbors were. some expressed doubts about the details of the heist. >> a little.
5:59 pm
[ laughter ] poquito. >> reporter: others expressed fear. >> i watched my bag, because i was nerve on you coming in, and maybe something is watching or somebody is still out there since they haven't got caught. that was beverly white reporting from los angeles. now at 6:00, we are live from charlotte on the big night for the president. live right now at the democrat ecnational convention, democrats are packed in the time warner cable center in charlotte. the moment is almost here for the president. here's a look tonight. joe biden will also make his case to americans this evening. >> first lady michelle obama will return to stage, introducing a video presentation, then president obama will formally accept the nomination tonight. he'll deliver a primetime address on this final night of the democratic national convention. >> today the

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